Thread Veins

Thread veins also known as broken capillaries are tiny blood vessels under the skin that become dilated.

They’re a very common problem, most people over the age of 30 will suffer from them. Many different factors can cause thread veins such as hormonal changes, exposure to harsh weather conditions, excessive alcohol consumption but more than ever they are a hereditary problem.

Treatment at Samantha Ward Aesthetics using the AFT pulsed light (also known as IPL) system by Alma Lasers can provide significant improvement. Light  energy is absorbed by the blood inside the veins, gently heating up the vessel wall which causes it to collapse and then dissolve, the light is absorbed precisely at target areas so the surrounding tissue is not affected. Aswell as treating redness in the skin, it is also a rejuvenation treatment which induces collagen and elastin production which enables a youthful glow and plumper skin. The sensation of the laser feels like a small static shock within the skin, a medical cooler and numbing cream can be used for clients that think they may find this uncomfortable. After the treatment, skin may be slightly red but this quickly subsides.

All practitioners are fully qualified with extensive experience and have all be trained by the manufacturers themselves.

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