Dermal Fillers

Fillers are designed to be used in the face to subtly enhance volume and re-contour as well as fill in and smooth wrinkles around the mouth, lips, cheeks, eyes, nose, forehead and décolletage to rejuvenate areas which may have been affected by sun damage and the natural ageing process.
As we age, our collagen production slows and the amount we have in our skin decreases. Collagen helps to shape and support it. Think of it like scaffolding. If there’s no scaffolding to support our skin, the skin will drop and hollowing will appear. Dermal fillers replace this volume and can reduce wrinkles around the mouth, create fuller lips and, give your face a more supple and youthful look.
Dermal Fillers are made of Hyaluronic Acid, a natural occuring product in our body. Don’t let the word ‘acid’ worry you! This gel-like-water- holding molecule is a moisture binding ingredient that helps keep skin plump and hydrated. Hyaluronic Acid helps retain over 1,000 times its weight in water within the cells of skin, making it an excellent moisturiser.

At Samantha Ward Aesthetics, we only use premium dermal fillers that are CE Approved and non-animal based.

These fillers gently soften wrinkles, help to fill out areas of lost volume to create the smooth contours of younger skin – without surgery and are fabulous to plump lips.

Depending on your metabolism, dermal fillers last anywhere between six and twelve months.

See below some FAQ’s

  • £180Lips - 0.5ml
  • £220Lips - 1ml
  • £220Chin - 1ml
  • £420Chin - 2ml
  • £250Jawline - 1ml
  • £450Jawline - 2ml
  • £250Cheeks - 1ml
  • £450Cheeks - 2ml
  • £200Naso Labial - 1ml

    (Nose to Mouth Lines)

  • £350Naso Labial - 2ml

    (Nose to Mouth Lines)

  • £200Marionette - 1ml

    (Sad Smiles Lines at Corner of Mouth)

  • £350Marionette - 2ml

    (Sad Smiles Lines at Corner of Mouth)

  • £350Nose

    (None Surgical Rhinoplasty)

  • £350Tear Troughs

    (Hollows Underneath Eyes)

  • £670-£820Facial Package

    3ml-4ml of Dermal Filler used in Cheeks, Chin and Jawline


  • What are Dermal Fillers made from and how do the work?
    Dermal Fillers are made from Hylauronic Acid. When we're born, we have plentiful amounts of this naturally occuring product in our body but as we get older, this store of Hylauronic Acid diminishes leaving skin less well supported. Dermal Fillers are a synthetic version of Hylauronic Acid, meaning there's a minimal risk of an allergic reaction. Dermal Fillers will subtly add volume to areas that have become less well supported, smoothing out lines and wrinkles and creating a lift in the skin.
  • Does it hurt?
    You will be numbed within minutes of entering the building so by the time comes you will feel only mild discomfort. The products also contain a numbing agent which numbs further once treatment has begun. Samantha deals with nervous clients on a day to day basis and will do everything she can to ensure you are as comfortable as possible.
  • What Filler do you use?
    Samantha Ward Aesthetics stocks only the highest quality, premium dermal filler. Samantha will review your features/lifestyle and understand your expectations during your consultation and will use the product most suited to you for optimum results and longevity. We pride ourselves as a premium brand and therefore only use premium products.
  • How old do I have to be?
    All clients must be 18 at the time of the treatment. Anyone that looks under the age of 25 will be asked for ID.
  • How long will results last?
    Dermal Fillers can last upto 12 months, but clients can have treatments when they see it's necessary.
  • When will I see results?
    Immediately, however swelling can be seen after the treatment which can take a few days to subside.
  • Are there any side effects?
    This all depends on the individual. Slight bruising and swelling may appear which can take a few days to settle.
  • Why is Hylauronic Acid a great Dermal Filler?
    Once the gel is injected, it supports the facial structures and tissues that may have lost elasticity or volume. It helps to bring water to the surface of the skin thus keeping the skin looking supple and fresh looking.