Semi Permanent Make Up

Semi Permanent Make Up, also known as Permanent Make Up or Cosmetic Tattooing can enhance your brows, eyes and lips and the results last, meaning you save time on your daily beauty routine and wear less cosmetics.

With Semi Permanent Make Up you will look your best morning, noon or night – Permanently Perfect!

Semi Permanent Make Up can be whatever you want it to be from natural, understated, glamorous or obvious. Each client is seen as an individual with different needs and expectations, this is why great care and time is taken to ensure your enhancement is nothing less than perfect.

If you have your Semi Permanent Make Up procedure done at Samantha Ward Aesthetics, it will be Samantha herself that will be creating your look. Samantha trained at the UK’s leading permanent cosmetic school and product specialists, Nouveau Contour.

At Samantha Ward Aesthetics, we fully understand that the thought of a Semi Permanent Make Up procedure can be quite a scary and daunting thought. Great care and time is taken to choose the perfect pigment colour aswell as drawing the template to work with. Samantha has been in this industry for over ten years and trained by the best – you’re in safe hands!

Here is what some of Samantha’s clients have to say about her and their Semi Permanent Make Up Procedures:

“I’ve just had Semi Permanent Brows done. I was quite nervous but Sam quickly put me at ease as she’s very warm and friendly and talked me through every step of the way. I had concerns that it may hurt but it really didn’t, in fact I found it quite soothing, nothing more than a scratch. I’m really pleased with the results, I was concerned they’d look fake but this isn’t the case, they look really natural and no one has even noticed these aren’t my natural brows! So pleased I have had them done here as Sam is really helpful and so knowledgeable about her treatments.”

“With having Alopecia, my eyebrows and eyelashes did not exist. Sam has enabled me to regain my confidence. I now have natural looking eyebrows and a soft enhancement on my upper and lower eyelids which gives much more definition to my eyes. I couldn’t be happier and no longer hide behind my fringe!”

“My experience at Samantha Ward Aesthetics was next to none. Sam became a real friend to me over the 3 hours I was with her. I had some colour added to my lips, I cant believe the difference. They appear fuller and more youthful without me having lip filler injections.”

All prices include one retouch procedure within 2 months of initial procedure.

  • Eyebrow Contours

  • £150Scar Camouflage in brows
  • £3503D Hair Stroke/ Combination / Ombre Brows
  • Eye Contours

  • £199Lash Enhancement (lower eyelids)
  • £199Lash Enhancement (upper eyelids)
  • £299Lash Enhancement Combined (lower and upper eyelids)
  • Lip Contours

  • £250Lip Liner
  • £350Lip Liner with small blush
  • £399Lip Liner with full blush
  • £75Beauty Spot
  • Maintenance

  • £1506 Months Maintenance
  • £18012 Months Maintenance
  • £22018 Months Maintenance

    Please note: If failing to have a top up within 18 months the treatment returns to full price.


  • Is Semi Permanent Make Up Suitable For You?
    Yes! Almost anyone can benefit from semi permanent make up as long as they are aged 18 years or over. There are a variety of reasons why people get semi permanent make up. Many want to save on the hassle of applying make up everyday. Others want to change or enhance their looks. It’s also suitable if you can’t wear make up for any reason, such as lifestyle, allergies or other medical conditions. Semi permanent make up is also a benefit to those who suffer with hair loss or thinning conditions.
  • Can Semi Permanent Make Up Change The Way I Look?
    Semi Permanent Make Up can be used to imitate traditional make up. However, it can also be used to subtly change your features – lip contours can be improved, eye contours enhanced and brow shapes changed.
  • How Does It Work?
    The treatment involved applying pigment into the upper layers of the skin.
  • Will It Hurt?
    The question we get asked the most! Nouveau Contour technicians are trained to manage any client discomfort. Samantha uses specialist permanent cosmetics equipment and techniques to deliver a superior treatment experience and of course, anaesthetic is administered.
  • How Long Will It Last?
    This varies from person to person because of a variety of factors: skin type, diet, genetics, whether or not you’re a sun lover, which facial products you use and so on. As a guide, treatments can last 12-18 months, although this can often be extended by the use of maintenance treatments. It is important to remember that Semi Permanent Make Up in a ‘low’ not a ‘no’ maintenance treatment. For ‘before’ & ‘after’ photographs of Semi Permanent Make Up Procedures Samantha has done please visit our Facebook Page, Twitter Page or Instagram Page. Alternatively, you can request them via email.