Tattoo Removal

As with every other laser machine at Samantha Ward Aesthetics, we use the most advanced technology.

For tattoo removal we use a Harmony Platform by Alma Lasers with a Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser head, it enables us to remove most tattoos. Pulses of light from the laser shatter and break up the tattoo pigment. Over the next couple of weeks the body’s macrophages which are basically big eaters in the immune system naturally eliminate the pigment making it a very safe treatment. The feeling of Laser Tattoo Removal is not dissimilar to the pain of having the tattoo itself done; we use a medical cooling device on every client.

The normal reaction to the laser is an inflammatory response and the area can become quite red, thorough after care advice is given on what to expect and what to do after laser tattoo removal. Once the course of treatment is completed, the results are permanent and clients will not require any further treatment.

For a free quote for laser tattoo removal, email us a photograph of the tattoo you wish to remove along with the dimensions to

All practitioners are fully qualified with extensive experience and have all be trained by the manufacturers themselves.

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    Treatment time - from 5-45 minutes Treatment frequency - is between 4-10 weeks Between 8-12 treatments are usually required Consultations are complimentary - you have nothing to lose A great tip to minimise discomfort is to apply numbing cream 1 hour before your appointment and to also take some pain relief tablets

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