July 20, 2018

A lovely client of mine, who will remain anonymous in this blog, booked a free consultation to establish what the best treatment would be to treat her ‘wrinkles’. She thought it would be botox. Botox is not the only option for wrinkles!

She is in her 50’s and did infact have both static (wrinkles that remain when muscles are relaxed) and dynamic wrinkles (wrinkles that appear when expressing emotion), of course, something that is completely normal at her age. Could she have had an extensive treatment plan which involved injectables such as botox and fillers, laser therapy such as skin resurfacing to treat the texture and IPL to treat the skins colour? Yes absolutely! Did she need it all? Definitely not!

Here’s why…

Practitioners can correct and improve a loss of volume and fill or relax wrinkles, but to attain the best visible results, you need a good canvas to build on. The skin is the largest organ in the body and is exposed daily to intrinsic and extrinsic factors. There are many different appearances on the skin that can cause us to look ‘old’ and ‘tired’ – as a practitioner it’s important that I look at the skins tone (loss of collagen/elasticity), texture (wrinkles) AND colour. This enables the best possible results, with fewest treatments.

In my clinical experience, the answer for those seeking age perfecting solutions to look the best they can for their age and reverse the signs of time is Laser and IPL Therapy, these kinds of treatments will not only target and treat the problem but will also encourage a boost of collagen and elastin which means they are anti aging too! Bonus!

In this instance, you can see from the ‘before’ photograph (below) on the left my clients skin was looking ruddy, uneven and full of pigmentation. This discolouration in the skin can be just as aging as wrinkles. The pigmentation was sitting deep into her wrinkles causing shadowing which was encouraging her wrinkles to appear more obvious.

It was the pigmentation or colour of her skin that needed treated so we did just that, the ‘after’ picture was taken post 2 treatments of Green Light IPL. No injectables or laser skin resurfacing was done.

Green Light IPL is used to treat any discolouration in the skin including age spots, freckles, and sun damage which come under ‘pigmentation’ and also any redness such as broken capillaries, red spots, spider veins etc. It’s a completely non-invasive procedure and in just 1-3 treatments we can resolve these issues.

We use an Alma, Medical Grade IPL which produces fantastic results, time after time. I always say to my clients ‘you pay for what you get in life’ The machines we use at Samantha Ward Aesthetics are World Renowned, top of the range medical machines, found on the likes of Harley Street in London. Often, I have clients say to me, that they have tried IPL, and it hasn’t worked. In all cases, these clients have been treated with a non professional, beauty salon laser and paid very little for the treatment. I do believe that people are starting to appreciate the value of laser/IPL treatments when the desired results are achieved. I have 12 years experience working with Alma machines and I have the utmost confidence in them to treat clients successfully, safely and quickly.

Every client is taken as an individual and needs a bespoke treatment plan suitable to them to gain the desired results, this treatment may not be the answer for you, but that is why we offer free consultations to discuss every option available, there’s always an option for everyone, and it’s my job to tell you which is the best route for you. I will always be 100% honest with my advice, it’s my passion to help client regain their confidence. If you would like help or advice, please contact us to book your free consultation.

A video of me performing this treatment can be found on the ‘pigmentation’ and ‘thread vein’ removal pages, under ‘laser treatments’ on the website.

BEFORE                                                                                         AFTER TWO TREATMENTS